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Hands-On Hairstyling Class for Hollywood Waves - December 5, 2022

Hands-On Hairstyling Class for Hollywood Waves - December 5, 2022

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During this class, Victoria will be demonstrating how to create the most popular hairstyle that is trending right now - Hollywood Waves! You will be using a mannequin head and a live model to practice and create this look. This hairstyle is perfect for brides and is frequently desired by many clients. 

Date and Time

December 5, 2022

10:30am - 7:00pm


Lavender Salon and Blow Out Bar
(916) 771-0402

6040 Stanford Ranch Rd STE 400, Rocklin, CA 95765

What to Bring?

-Something to take notes with

-Smartphone/recording device with enough memory if you wish to record

-Phone charger

-Your model will need to arrive at 2:00pm

-The model's hair needs to be fully washed and completely dry before arriving to the class location. Clarifying shampoo is recommended. Conditioner can be used on ends only.

-Your model should come with makeup done. This will make her feel confident when taking pictures or videos for your portfolio.

-Your model should bring a dress that she feels most confident in and that will look good with Hollywood Waves.

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What You Will Learn In This Class

Victoria will help you learn how to master this hairstyle by teaching you the techniques and tricks you need to know to make it last for a long time so that your clients are happy. You will work on a mannequin before you start working on a live model. You will need to provide your own live model for the class if you would like to work on one. If you are not able to provide a live model you can complete the look on a mannequin head. All tools, products, mannequin heads, and everything else you will need will be provided for you to use during the class. Victoria will be by your side, helping and guiding you, answering questions, and catering to your learning style along the way.

During the class, there may be a person taking pictures of you and your work for social media purposes. You will be allowed to record videos during the class for personal use but may not share those videos with others, whether online or in person. To receive a Victoria Styles Certificate you will need to show Victoria that you are proficient in this hairstyle by recreating the hairstyle and sending her pictures of your work. You will receive feedback on your work and will have an opportunity to make corrections if necessary.  Once Victoria determines that you have mastered the hairstyle, you will receive the certificate either in person or through email. Taking this class may also help promote you and your business, and this has consistently been the case for all of Victoria’s previous students that have taken her classes.